Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Ecommerce Website

    What Is a Website URL?

    The address that lets you build a business identity on the web, like

    Who Owns The Domain?

    You are the owner of the domain. The domain will be registered under your business name.

    What happens If I don't renew?

    When renew is not done on time, it will only deactivate your ecommerce website. Once you renew the subscription, it is automatically reactivated.

    Are there any hidden charges other than the ones mentioned on your pricing page?

    No other hidden charges, 2% Payment Gateway processing fee on each of your successful sales.

    Can customers create accounts on my website and view their past orders?

    Yes, the customer can create an account and place order,check order status,track Orders,can add wishlist.

    What is the average time required for a website to go live?

    Once you sign up with us, website will be activated instantly and you can check the status in your client login.

  • Admin Dashboard

    How many products can I upload on my store?

    There is a limit on the no of products that you can upload on your web store as per the choosen plan.

    How many categories and subcategories can I have on my store?

    There are no restrictions as to the number of categories and subcategories possible. You can add unlimited categories and subcategories on your website.

    What are the different notifications I get after I receive an order?

    At the time of receiving an new order you shall receive an email and SMS notifying you about the new order.

    What are the notifications that my customer would receive after a successful order?

    Your customers shall receive an email and SMS notification on placing a successful order. The automatic email shall contain the order details that they ordered.

    How do we help you with Shipping?

    You can process the shipping with your own local courier partner or from our integrated shipping method and it can be updated to your customer via store admin dashboard about the shipping status.

    Can I manage charges like COD orders, COD limit, Tax, Shipping?

    Yes, you can fix your own charges in the store admin dashboard for COD orders, COD limit, Tax, Shipping.

  • Connecting Domain

    How to connect the website you purchased with us to your existing domain

    Please make sure the following settings has been applied and below has image reference as well

    • set your nameservers to defaults

    • disabled all forwarding on your domain

    • point your domain's A Record to A @ record to the following IP address:

    • point your domain's next A Record to A www record to the to the IP address:

    Will you provide support?

    yes, if you have any questions related to how to connect your domain or any other queries please feel free to email us or you can contact through one of the the phone number listed in the website

    How to Check if your domain settings has been applied as instructed above ?

      Note: It can take 48 hours for any changes to a domain to be recognized across the internet. You can check to see if your domain is ready to start using online store you purchased


    • Login to admin dasboard

    • Check status

    • if it's not yet update system will show it, it's still processing

    • Once it's updated you will be able to start uploading products etc,.