Beautiful & Customizable themes

Click and Activate the desired themes from your Admin Dashboard in a few seconds, all themes constantly evolving to add new features and functionalities, Each theme is also fully mobile optimised so you can sell more on any device.


1-Click theme activation

Each of our themes comes with an intuitive and easy-to-use theme options panel that will save you tons of time and effort in setting up your store, just add your own content, product details and go live.


Product collections

Organize your products into collections

Group products into collections to make it easy for customers to find what they're looking for in a separate different page.


Site navigation style

Organize to browse effortlessly

Mega menu style, dropdown menu.It will automatically appears when the user moves the mouse over the website navigation bar.

Theme settings

Select theme font and colors

Use the theme setting options to set the color and font choices as per your need.


Responsive themes

All themes look beautiful on every device

Website will scale across mobile, tablet, desktop and more with no need to worry about what device your visitors are using.

Theme customization

We can modify and customize the theme design according to your business industry/category.

Theme customization is modifying a theme design and functionality to suit your specific needs. Customization can involve changing the layout, color scheme, and typography, adding new features, and other modifications to the theme.



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Theme customization examples

After you activated theme, if you required to customize the look and feel, we can help you to customize according to your business industry/category as per your desire, without any extra charges, here is the list of screenshot examples for you to get an idea.